The Comeback Anthology - The Book

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Be empowered, inspired, and transformed by some of the greatest Comeback testimonies ever told.

Comeback Coach Ed Hennings is proof that you can experience a powerful COMEBACK from any setback in your life. Ed travels the country sharing his story with a mission that goes beyond prison reform into person reform. After hearing countless questions on how he mastered his COMEBACK, he knew as a follow up to his award-winning release book titled The Answers, he needed to offer strategies for sustainable transformation. The Comeback Anthology not only provides steps to solidify your personal comeback but it also blends the voices of other authors willing to share their Comeback Story.

Featured Authors: LaToya Thurmond, Brandon Jordan, La’Ketta Caldwell, Angela Scott, Serita Valmond , D’Angela Turner

Everybody has a comeback inside of them; it’s time to discover yours!

Ed Hennings, COMEBACK Cocah

Ed Hennings is a sought-after motivational speaker and life coach. He is committed to working with individuals looking for options to create a legacy of business and entrepreneurship through positive ventures. Edward offers specialized coaching and workshops for those incarcerated and those going from prison to community.

After serving 20 years in prison, Ed took his experience and used it to fortify his mind and will. He determined that he would be ready to dominate any destructive thoughts or behaviors that he encountered when his release time came. Within two years of his release, Ed started and guided thousands to meet their personal goals. The strategies he created to thrive and support others are gifted to you through his books, Change Institute Program, and one-on-one services. Contact Ed directly at

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