The Answers Curriculum: Facilitator Guide

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Influencing Positive Life Change Through Guided Engagement And Self-Directed Learning On Understanding Behavior And Effective Decision Making. Click HERE to Meet Ed

For Youth, this curriculum will inspire you to maximize your talents and skills in your youth so that you create a positive future that includes the things you’ve always dreamed of!

For the Incarcerated (past & present), this curriculum will not only inspire you but equip you to have authority over your past; it does not own you and you do not owe it anything.

For Emerging Entrepreneurs, this curriculum will give you the tools you need to successfully use your skills, develop your opportunities and maximize your profits because you not only understand what you’re doing, but why you’re doing it.

Edward L. Hennings is an award-winning author, successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, coach, and policy reform advocate. He is the founder of Change Institute, inspiring the lives of individuals who are currently, or who have previously experienced adversity and trauma. Change is a mindset away.

The purchase of The Answers Curriculum: Facilitator Guide comes with a Master Coaching session with Ed Hennings. In order to facilitate the curriculum this coaching session is required. We will contact you to schedule a session after your payment is processed.

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